Phase 2 Recipes

Steak & Tomatoes

Ingredients 100g raw steak (prime quality if possible) 1-2 tomatoes (vegetable quota) optional: finely minced garlic chopped basil and/or parsley Method Coat your steak with the garlic if used. Grill

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Phase 2 Recipes

Spaghetti Bolognese

This dish will need a packet of Miracle Noodles or equivalent (shiratake noodles – konjac) Ingredients 100g raw lean beef – minced 1-2 tomatoes (vegetable quota) half of the amount

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Chicken apple radish
Phase 2 Recipes

Apple, Radish & Chicken Kebabs

The chicken can be hot or cold. Ingredients 100g raw chicken breast (then cook – grilled/steamed – and cut into cubes of a suitable size to be “skewered”) handful of

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orange chicken
Phase 2 Recipes

Orange Chicken

This dish can be made at double or triple the quantities with separate meals being refrigerated for a couple of days for convenience. Ingredients 100g raw chicken breast cut through

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Phase 2 Recipes

Chicken Stock

Ingredients 1-2 chicken frames 2-3 litres fresh water 2-3 chopped onions half a celery bunch chopped 2 cloves garlic 1 teaspoon peppercorns Himalayan salt to your taste optional: half an

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